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About company

"Biomedservice Ltd." is a firm in Omsk, specialized on retail and wholesales selling of remedies for patients' treatment with immunodeficit states, chronic viral infections and disbacteriosis. The assortment of immunomodulators includes themselves such long ago known and the newest high effective preparations known the narrow circle of specialists. "Biomedservice" offers full gamut of preparations for treatment of chronic viral hepatitis, herpes and all bacteriophages and bacteritic preparations, manufactured with the native enterprises.
"Biomedservice" endeavors not only support of the wide assortment of preparations but also makes them maximally accessible price. Motto of the firm "The best native preparations - on the lowest prices".
Realizing of pharmaceutical activity beginning with 1993 "Biomedservice" renders priority of advancement of the new original native preparations. Creation of present site is logic continuation of this direction and called on one hand of rising doctors and patients information about the new working out in corresponded sphere of pharmacy, but from the other hand - provision of great accessibility and communication operativeness between the firm and all taking interest parties.



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Russia 644024, Omsk, Dekabristov, 45.
"Biomedservice Ltd"
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